(The following may not be applicable at all locations)

  • Inspect and adjust pulleys and v-belts.
  • Check air leakage: front door and rear door.
  • Remove and clean: Fuel oil cleaner, oil nozzle assembly and gas pilot assembly.
  • Cycle burner and check pilot operation, main flame ignition and combustion controls.
  • Check Check for leakage: Oil pump, oil strainer, oil piping and oil valves.
  • Check operation: Lineages and modulator.
  • Inspect and test: Thermal safety, low gas pressure switch, high gas pressure switch, air pressure switch, fan control, condensate pumps and flame safe controls.

Boiler Cleaning

  • Wire brush and power vacuum clean fireside portion of boiler free of all loose soot and debris.
  • Removing all handhold and manhole assemblies from waterside portion of boiler.
  • Flush and wash waterside portion of boiler free of all loose rust and scale.
  • Dismantle and flush low water cut off assemblies.
  • Perform inspection of pressure vessel, refractory and piping.
  • Close and seal fireside and waterside portion of boiler.
  • Fill and leak test boiler.
  • Clean oil and adjust burners for maximum combustion efficiency.
  • Perform electronic combustion efficiency testing.