Saudi Boiler Products & Its Detail

Saudiboiler leading boiler manufacturer and a trading company in Saudi Arabia since 2012, we have been able to manufacture boilers up to 10 tons. We do also produce hot water boilers and several other products which is concerned with pressure and steam, completely designed and fabricated in our own If you’re looking for places to find a manufacturer for your product, this list of resources will help you get a jump-start on your search with saudiboiler products and Auxiliary Items

ELKBJ model electrical steam generators

ELK BJ model steam generators are being manufactured in two main types LP (low pressure – makes. 2 bar) and HP (high pressure). HP types have a feed water pump read more


Oil and Gas Fired Steam and hot water boilers

Upon request our boilers are supplied fully assembled with armatures and necessary equipment including decorator, economizer and recuparator read more

KYK H Model oil and gas fired

It is very important to keep the oil velocity inside the tube a t a certain level. Having a low speed oil flowing inside the thermal oil heater can cause crakingand this situation ruins the oil completely read more


D type Water Tube Steam boilers

D type water tube, steam boilers consist of a mud drum and an upper steam drum. The design is a well proven and reliable design for high pressure and high capacity steam producing systems read more


Saudi Boiler Room Auxiliaries

Saudiboiler offers a full selection of boiler room accessories for rental and sale.

If you have it inside of your boiler room, we have it in our inventory. Ready to ship. 24/7

Economizers and Recuperates

Economizers can be produced as spiral water tube, wing water tube cassette air fire tube type according to the boiler and fuel types read more


We offer stand-alone smokestacks as compact solutions for flue gas removal systems. The outer smokestack pipe read more

Fuel Tank

SaudiBoiler’s heavy fuel oil is equipped with heating coils, Tanks are supplied as level gauge, air discharge, drain, filling and manhole connections ready read more