Services 24-Hour Service

When you call, we’ll be there to attend your request, Professional, quick response is considered very critical during an emergency or service operations breakdown. Our service team are well equipped with boiler and burner replacement parts and staffed by factory-trained service technicians who will handle the situation and furnish the required repair services to get you back up and running with the least amount of downtime. Saudi Boiler Company maintains a consistent level of high quality service by being your SINGLE SOURCE for boiler, burner and related mechanical contracting. Our service team is immediately accessible through our cellular communications system. In addition our computer database records equipment specifications and service history.

For Custom Fabrication And Erection Of Diesel, water and chemical tanks Clarifier tank with single or double coil Platforms.
A strong and dedicated mentor can help by Saudi Boiler Company’s staff. Technical personal provide the design.
New Equipment Design And Installation technical personal provide installation of heating plant systems including packaged boiler.
Wire brush and power vacuum clean fireside portion of boiler free of all loose soot and debris.

Our Broad Range Of Services Include:

  • Energy management.
  • Oil/Gas burner service/repair.
  • Oil/Gas burner conversion.
  • Boiler pressure vessel repair.
  • Boiler re-tubing.
  • Combustion chamber and refractory repair.
  • Mixing valve repair and replacement.
  • Boiler Feed water system service/repair.
  • Pipe supply & fitting.
  • Steam Trap service/repair.
  • PRS station service/repair.
  • De-aerator system service/repair.
  • Condensate Pump service/repair.
  • Supply water softener salt & chemical.
  • Domestic hot water heaters.
  • Emergency Maintenance.
  • Boiler Stack service/repair.
  • Efficiency Analyses including N0x.

(The following may not be applicable at all locations)

  • Inspect and adjust pulleys and v-belts.
  • Check air leakage: front door and rear door.
  • Remove and clean: Fuel oil cleaner, oil nozzle assembly and gas pilot assembly.
  • Cycle burner and check pilot operation, main flame ignition and combustion controls.
  • Check Check for leakage: Oil pump, oil strainer, oil piping and oil valves.
  • Check operation: Lineages and modulator.
  • Inspect and test: Thermal safety, low gas pressure switch, high gas pressure switch, air pressure switch, fan control, condensate pumps and flame safe controls.


New Equipment Design And Installation

Saudi Boiler Company’s staff of technical personal provide the design, sale and installation of heating plant systems including packaged boiler, field erected boilers, domestic hot heaters and oil/gas fired burners and controls.Saudi Boiler company has gained its reputation for the prompt quality services and craftsmanship.


Boiler Steel Fabrication & Custom Steel Fabrication

Saudi Boiler Company has the experience and expertise to fabricate almost any item you may need in any metal you require. Through volume purchasing, a well-equipped 3000 square foot workshop and the presence of first rate personnel in every aspect of our operation. we offer both cost efficient as well as quality conscious service

Boiler & Burner Repair

  • Service of most makes and manufactures of boilers, burner, feed water pump
  • Customized service contracts.
  • 24/7 established customer emergency service.
  • Combustion and efficiency testing.
  • Fully stocked service vans.
  • Burners, retrofits and conversions.
  • Refractory repair.
  • Annual maintenance.
  • Preventative maintenance inspections.
  • Rebuilt or replace combustion chamber.
  • Boiler/burner controls upgrade or replacement.
  • Energy management control installation.
  • Handhold or manhole replacement.
  • Replace boiler section.
  • Repair or replace gas, steam, hot water piping.
  • Factory trained and certified service technicians

Boiler Cleaning

  • Wire brush and power vacuum clean fireside portion of boiler free of all
    loose soot and debris.
  • Removing all handhold and manhole assemblies from waterside portion of
  • Flush and wash waterside portion of boiler free of all loose rust and scale.
  • Dismantle and flush low water cut off assemblies.
  • Perform inspection of pressure vessel, refractory and piping.
  • Close and seal fireside and waterside portion of boiler.
  • Fill and leak test boiler.
  • Clean oil and adjust burners for maximum combustion efficiency.
  • Perform electronic combustion efficiency testing.
We Utilize High Quality Equipment Supplies Include:

URET Burner
Riello Burner
Baltiur Burner
Ayvaz Valve
Piston Valve
Danfoss Presure switch
Honeywell Pressure swtich
Mcdonnell & miller water level controller
Bonnetti glass water level indicator
Pakken pressure gauge
Pakken Temperature gauge
Spirax sarco controller
Spirax safty valve
Ari/Leser safty valve

Call On Us > For Custom Fabrication And Erection Of:

Diesel, water and chemical tanks Clarifier tank with single or double coil Platforms or skid for equipment Smokestacks, Boiler chimney and Economizer ASME code welding Domestic Hot Water Coils Burner Mounting Plates Any pipe support
Plate cutting